Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jamu Jago Building at Jl. Ki Mangun Sarkoro Semarang

Pictures are shown in this posting are captured about more than two years ago. Un-intentionally, I suddenly found the appearance of this Jamu Jago Building when I was visiting a car part shop in Ki Mangun Sarkoro Street near Kampung Kali area. Please also note, currently there are another street that named with similar name of Jl. Ki Mangun Sarkoro in Semarang City which is situated more closer to Simpang Lima area.

This building is situated just almost directly in front of the shop. Its appearance always remind somebody with Art Deco style. I guess the building style is similar to Pertamina Building at Bodjong street and GKBI Building at old city area, particularly in related with the appearance of its prominent rectangular tower at building corner side. 

According to the company website, it is claimed that the company is already established on 1918, but not clearly mentioned about detailed time when this building itself is built. As seen on the pictures, the building looks as a two-storey building with flat roof with white painted walls. Aged wooden louvered windows are painted in turquoise color. There are a neighboring two-storeys building with clay roof with similar white and turquoise colors. It looks like a building with similar age, but I have no information if the building is belong to the same company.

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