Monday, March 13, 2017

An Old Big House at Jatingaleh Crossroads

This is just quick snapshots to a big prominent old house at Jatingaleh crossroads that is situated directly in front of a local traditional market as known as Pasar Jatingaleh. It seem two-storey house (maybe within an attic underneath roof) with main balcony is directly facing to the crossroads point. The balcony orientation is in a diagonal line against main building axis.

The balcony appearance is become visual and spatial marks to identify the existence of building main entry that is directly situated underneath it.

Most part of building facade is facing to the main old road at the western side. And other remaining part is facing to the new highway road at northern side. The balcony and the entrance are situated in between these parts.

A protruding living room alcove is found at upper floor level and become main facade element that is directly facing inline with the main Teuku Umar road. Seemimgly, it similar detail we can also found at some big old house facade that is situated in the side of a main road.

Some pictures are taken from the steel crossing bridge that is connecting pedestrian in front of this house to Pasar Jatingaleh. But today, this bridge is already removed and dismantled as an impact in related with the developmet of new underpass road nearby.

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