Monday, December 22, 2014

Taking photo from Bus Window in formerly "Dr. de Vogel-weg in Nieuw Tjandi" at Semarang City

I first though of the idea  when I was taking bus trip at Semarang City during a long holiday in the year of 2012. "Dr. de Vogel-weg" is the old name of currently known as S. Parman Street, an old name belong to Dutch Colonial Era. This street is situated up on the hill area at south side of Semarang City that commonly called as Candi Baru. Currently, this street is about 2 kilo meters stretching from William Booth Hospital at south-end side to "Taman Diponegoro" park location at north-end side.

Of course, we can find here remaining old houses from Dutch Colonial Era. Some of them remain existed as private houses and many of them also found and converted in new functions such as office, cafe, retail shops or even a hotel.

 One of the prominent remaining old houses from the past is the one that is situated at a cross-road near an old Dutch Cemetery site. It looks like an old empty house with large grass courtyards and lush old trees around. When the picture is taken, this old house is found in severed damaged condition.

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