Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Snapshot to an Old House at the 'Outstadt'

This posting is just simply highlighting a two storey old house in a T-instersection street at currently known as Garuda Street City at Semarang Old City Conservation Area. It situated about less than 100 meter in front of the House of Roode Driehoek at Branjangan Street. This house is facing to the South and located directly in front of the "Borsumij" Warehouse building.

The upper part looks interesting within its protruding 'close-to-close' glass windows arrangement which are framed with light wooden frames. Meanwhile, the lower part of the house consists of 3 (three) main full-height double doors where 2 (two) doors are covered under an overhung roof. Seemingly, it was defining a two separated different functions between the lower floor and upper floor belong to the this old building. Another one smaller door is placed at west end side.

The upper part looks visually lighter in appearance by the existence of dominant glass windows and wooden wall cladding and the lower part looks stronger by the appearance of solid brick wall. Wild vegetation are already grown and consuming the upper part of the house. How long will this old house survive?

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