Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sanpshot to Old Houses at Tanjung Street Semarang

Tanjung Street is just an about 440 meter long street, a short street that connects the middle part of the famous "Old Bodjong Street" or currently known as Pemuda Street to Imam Bonjol Street (also known as Pendrikan Street in the past time). Tanjung Street itself during Dutch Colonial Era is known as Genielaan. This name of street is related with a Dutch military dormitory complex for combat engineering corps or commonly known as 'zeni' corps.

Nowadays, not far from Pemuda Street intersection we can find a row of remaining old houses, well-preserved old houses with unique facade appearances. These houses are easily identified within the appearance of its rich detailing on wooden roof fascia. These decorative fascia are floating in a distance against facade wall behind and then creating nice shadow on the white walls.

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