Thursday, November 15, 2012

Awaiting Lost Tower to be Rebuilt for "de Cultuur Maatschappij der Vorstenlanden MV" Building

First time I took picture of this building was two years ago, where the south-end side tower belong to this building is already lost. It was documented in my blog post dated 18 January 2011. One year after that, I saw the main roof in the middle part of the building is partially collapsed. It was great when I took visit to this building on he year of 2012, this old building was initially revitalized. Many bamboo scaffolding are installed around the building.

The building of PTP-XV - originally known as Cultuur Maatschappij der Vorstenlanden MV. - is one of old Dutch Colonial building at Semarang old city conservation area.  When we stand over the mBerok River bridge, we can always see this building in very prominent appearance. 

Some of old buildings in Semarang City are already gone, and it is great to see some of them are recovered from severed damages. And now we are waiting, will the old lost collapsed tower will be recovered again? Only time will tell......


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