Saturday, October 27, 2012

Masjid Sekayu, a Small Masjid in the Middle of Kampong in Semarang City

History notes mention that in the year of 1413 a small simple Masjid have already established on the site where Masjid At-Taqwa currently situated at Kampung Sekayu Semarang. The Masjid is founded by Kyai Kamal during his duty to collect good quality teak wood materials for development of Masjid Demak. Kyai Kamal himself was officially appointed by Sunan Gunung Jati of Cirebon to assist Raden Patah as King of Demak for the development of Masjid Demak.

The name of Kampung Sekayu itself is related with the site during Dutch Colonial Era was known as a place where teak wood raw materials from other towns near Semarang are temporary collected for further trading purposes.

Decorative crowns on main roof top and tower roof top are some of original parts from old Masjid could be retained. Other prominent parts that are retained from the original Masjid are the existence of 4 (four) teak wood pillars in the middle of the Masjid that are currently covered with other new layers of teak wood clad. The Masjid is now vertically expanded and a mezzanine floor is inserted behind double space hall where 4 wooden pillars are situated.

Nowadays, maybe not too easy to find this Masjid in the middle of dense urban  settlement under the shadow of new Mall Building in the center of Semarang City. The existence of its tower with unique decorative crown from the past time maybe can help somebody who trying to find the Masjid.

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