Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Old House on the Hill with Sea View Far Away

The house is situated on steep hill at Tanah Poetih hill street. Nowadays the street known as Wahidin Sudirohusodo Street, a transition street that connecting Semarang coastal plain area to Semarang hill city area. The house and its large courtyard is elevated on steep green hill. Somebody must take a long walk through a steep and long steps way before entering the verandah.

I remember during my childhood I ever stopped by on the pedestrian in front of this house. And I found stunning sea view within glimpse of big vessels floating on the sea. Imagine if I sit on a chair inside the verandah, may be I will nicely enjoy this stunning sea view better than I have found when I was standing on street pedestrian. When we open the Google Map and stretching a straight line from this house position to the beach line, we will find a certain distance about more than 10 kilometers.

Yes, it just a memory that comes from my childhood during 1970s. A memory from the past time when my grandfather took me on his grey colors Das Kleine Wunder (DKW) from the year of 1940s, an old mighty German made motor bike that could climbed steep hill street of Tanah Poetih. We stopped by at street pedestrian in front of this old house and pointing our fingers out to panoramic Semarang coastal plain area with blue-green Java Sea as a background. 

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