Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snapshots of Tugu Muda Monument

Tugu Muda or Youth Monument is a stone monument that represents 5 days war heroes who struggled against Japanese troops who tried to occupied Semarang in the year of 1945. The monument itself is built about 5 years after the war. During Dutch Colonial Era, Tugu Muda site is reconized as a park called Wilhelminaplein.

The monument is situated in a main cross roads and surrounding with famous old buildings in Semarang City, such as Lawang Sewu, Randusari Church and also Pasar Bulu Market. Based on historical notes, the monument is situated at an old open ground from Dutch Colonial Era that is called as Wilhelmina Plein. At the south side of the monument, a glimpse of Gunung Brintik hill is shown as a green screen background with largest cemetry area in the town is hidden behind. An official residence house for Central Java Governor is now situated at the west-end side of the monument.

Nowadays, the monument looks elaborate within its garden and fountains and becoming a simple city landmark. It looks simply fresh when the citizen passing by the monument during busy hot days at Semarang City.

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