Friday, August 12, 2011

Tawang Railway Station and Hundred Years of Railway History

Tawang Railway Station might be not the first train station, but it supposed to be one of the important railway station ever built to initiate railway history during Dutch Colonial Era in Java Island. The building is situated about half kilometer from Semarang's zero point in front of Central Post Office Building or about one and half kilometer from the light house tower at the harbor side.

The building itself is a great integration of brickworks building and another part of the building in a huge steel structural works. There is a grand main lobby and reservation hall that is enclosed in a big and tall brickworks building in approximately 20 m x 20 m size with a big dome in the middle part of the station building. This main hall is flanked by another two parts of the building in huge 60 m long of steel structural works enclosure at the eastern and western sides. This creates a symmetrical building linear building shape with approximately 150 m long of huge railway station.

Another brickworks enclosures are loosely placed underneath these giant steel structure anclosure and many of railway station amenities and supporting facilities such as control room, offices, retail shops and storages are situated.

Nowadays, this building look in good condition and well preserved. But, there is a latent threat of sea water intrusion that makes this building might be potentially always drown in the middle of sea water flood. This is a repeating disaster that is always happened almost every year during rainy season.

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