Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Praoe Lajar" Cigarette Factory Building at Merak Street

"Praoe Lajar" Factory Building and "Suara Merdeka" Building are situated side by side against each other at Merak Street. History mentions that this building is built on 19th Century. "Praoe Lajar" itself is an old trademark of a famous local cigarette, most probably one of the oldest cigarette manufacturer that is still exist today.

This building could be easily recognized by its appearance with a contrast color scheme, a contrast combination of white and red color. A linear red big facade signage clearly and simply describes the name of the building "Pabrik Rokok Praoe Lajar" ("Praoe Lajar" Cigarette Factory).

Building's main entry is located at the east-end side, at the streets intersection point that lead to Tawang Train Station at northern side and to center of Old City Conservation Area at southern side. The main entry is also differed with some rich detailing such as half-circle glass transom over balcony and rich stained-glass patterns with company logo.

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