Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Old Building with Hot Red Lip Color

Nowadays, this building appears very prominent along "Letjen Soeprapto" Street, tha main street in the middle of Semarang Old City Conservation Area. In terms of shape, the building is generally a simple one, but the appearance of strong magenta-red color at lower half side of its facade obviously makes the overall building existence become an 'eye catching' object. I found from an online historical source that this building originally known as G.C.T. van Dorp & Co, Boekhandel en Drukkerijen, a bookstore and printing company.

This building and The ITC Building are placed side by side on the main street, but the entry facade is facing to "Branjangan" Street, an other small street. There is a interesting transition details when side facade of this building meets side facade of The ITC Building.

There are three round windows among typical rectangular windows around magenta-red color wall in the middle part of building side facade. Its combination with strong magenta-red color makes this old simple building visually appear more 'playful' in compare with surrounding old city atmosphere.

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