Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gedung Marba; Red Brick Building Near The Old City Park

As mentioned on Semarang Government's Official Website, Marba is actually an acronym of somebody's name: "Marta Badjunet". He was an Arab Yemenite trader, a famous rich trader during Dutch Colonial Era who is known as the initiator of this building existence on the age of 19th century. This masonry facade signage is still remaining there, at the entry corner side of the building.

The Marba Building is situated in the corner of a crossroad and most of its facades are facing to the Srigunting Park across the road. The building looks prominent enough, maybe because the color of red brick facade and its rich facade details. Visually, the red brick facade provide a nice color contrast against its white facade architraves and pilasters details. I think the building is also nicely set-up because the existence of surrounding green trees both in pedestrian and in the park across the street.

The entry facade of this Marba Building is slightly facing in an angle to the location of ex. "Der Spiegel" Building that is currently found in poor condition. It is different situation found in Marba Building, that fortunately is still found in relatively well-preserved condition and become one of visual point of interest in the scenery setting of Semarang old city conservation area.

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