Friday, January 21, 2011

Djakarta Lloyd Building and Hundred Years of Shipping Lines History

As history have noted, originally the building is built for "Stoomvart Maatschappij Nederland", a Dutch Shipping Lines Company in Colonial Era. The current owner of the bulding is PT Djakarta Lloyd, is also a Shipping Lines Company that owned by Indonesian Government. Might be this is an obvious evident that Semarang is an important harbor city since Dutch Colonial era.

The building situated directly beside of Bank Mandiri Building (former "Societeit de Harmonie" Building).The Djakarta Lloyd building is also placed in a corner-end of a 'T-intersection' street and has two facades that facing to two different streets. Main facade is facing to Mpu Tantular street that lead the daily traffic to Semarang Harbor and Tawang Train Station. While the other side is facing to a smaller street that will lead the traffic to the location of the famous "Gereja Blenduk" site


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  1. foto lama gedung yg sekarang menjadi bank mandiri kepodang ad nggak y..?