Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vereenigde Javasche Houthandel Maatscappijen Building at Bandarharjo Street

Former Vereenigde Javasche Houthandel Maatscappijen Building is situated in Bandarharjo Selatan Street, part of Semarang Sea Harbor Area. This building is former Dutch Colonial Trade Office in related with teak wood trading activities during old colonial era. Currently, the building is owned by a local government owned company. The building should be a witness how busy and the important of Semarang sea harbor during Dutch Colonial Era.

The building is nicely set-up in a great exposure in the middle of open green landscape with small buildings surrounding it in backyard area. The building nice set-back against the street always makes this building look in its wholeness in shape. A formal building shape with strong symmetrical shape compositions.

Nowadays, the appearance of this building might be become a main landmark of Bandarharjo Selatan Street. Hundred years old icon that relatively still existed and survived, a remaining old building which is part of old trading activities in old Semarang Sea Harbor.

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