Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remaining Architectural Old Details at Kampung Kauman

Kampung Kauman is an old traditional Muslim Community settlement that is situated near the Main Mosque in the Cities at Java Island. Most probably, the settlement old is almost as similar as the Main Mosque itself. According to the original old 'city planning' order, Kampung Kauman is usually located in the west side of the 'Alun-alun' as the Old City Square that refer to the direction of Mecca City at The Arabia Peninsula.

There are some remaining old houses and buildings that captured in the pictures here might be could be used as reflection of old time glimpse about how Kampung Kauman and Masjid Kauman surrounding areas are look like.

Today, The Kampung is no longer situated in a spacious open city landscape, since 'Alun-alun' as The Old City Square is already gone and transformed into many of commercial buildings. Now, The Kampung physically is remaining as like typical dense urban settlement in the City. Maybe, only The Kauman Mosque remains exist as 'historical and cultural pair' and still stand as its origin until today

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