Friday, December 24, 2010

Gedung Bank Mandiri near "mBerok" River Bridge

Nowadays, Gedung Bank Mandiri at "mBerok" is one of the old colonial buildings that is prominently visible from "mBerok" River Bridge. Mberok Bridge it self is a bridge at the end corner of Pemuda street and connecting it to the famous old city area. The building is built during Dutch Colonial Era and originally is also known as "Societeit de Harmonie" or a kind of Dutch Social Club Building. Other source mentioned that this building was formerly owned by Factorij der Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij.

The building is situated at the crossroad of Letjen Suprapto Street and Empu Tantular Street. From Empu Tantular Street point of view, the building facade is partially hidden under the shadow of an old lush tree near the entrance canopy. A dominant row of colonial style of arch shaped openings is strongly visible from Letjen Suprapto Street.

Today, the building is still remaining alive in its current function as a Bank Office, and become a kind of visual marker that somebody starting to enter the old city conservation area.

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  1. Prasetyo Budi Santoso,
    love your "Semarang, a City Walkthrough"
    A wonderfull collection of articles and photos.
    I too enjoy walking aound the city and am glad to find that someone is recording old Semarang before it is lost.
    Well done.
    There is a Dutch site you probaly already know about,with old black and white photos of Semarang.