Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hotel Dibya Puri; an Old Hotel at Bodjong Street

Currently, "Hotel Dibya Puri" is an old empty building that is situated in a busy crossroad in Semarang City. The hotel actually was placed in a prominent spot at the crossroad off amous old Bodjong Street and other roads that lead to "Pasar Johar" the old central market and old parade square (alun-alun).

The hotel itself is originally built during Dutch Colonial Era and become one of famous city landmark near Johar Area, a busy business and commercial area in Semarang. The hotel existence could be identified by its simple symmetrical and geometrical shapes. The main entry is situated in the middle part of the building, room bays are placed in two different wings that are ended with the existence of three storey towers (at each sides).

The building is properly set back away from the Main Street and pedestrian lines. and trees around its parking area nicely provide green covers that conceal the building from busy ambience of Johar Area. It should be a nice spot for a city hotel, but nowadays the building remains empty.

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