Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kampung Wonosari, a Quarter on the Hill Behind Flower Market

When we pass the steet in front of Kalisari Flower Market, there is glimpse of kampong (quarter) Wonosari that is high elevated behind this traditional flower market. The kampong is separated by a river.There are some bridges in between flower market that enable access from the main street.

The hill where the kampong is situated looks dense and crowded with many of 'zig-zag', up and dwon small passageways through the quarter. There are trees surrounding the hill behind belong to Gunung Brintik at one side and Bergota Cemetery at another side. Bergota is the largest cemetery hill that placed in the middle of the city.
These enclosures generate a kind of green belts that surrounding this urban community place on the small hill in the middle of Semarang City.

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