Friday, October 1, 2010

Gunung Brintik, a Green Cruel Hill in the Middle of the City

'Gunung' simply means hill and 'brintik' refers to cruel hair. Gunung Brintik could be freely translated as 'cruel hill', a green small hill near Tugu Muda Monument and Lawang Sewu which are recognized as famous city landmarks in Semarang City.

First time I heard Gunung Brintik name, I thought it was associated with dense vegetation blanket that covered a high steep hill slope which is located near my junior high school's back yard (or it could be an inner courtyard belong to overall school venue). But, it might be also related with old local legend story about this place.

This green and lush side of Gunung Brintik was part of my memories during my youth when I was a junior student. As I remembered about this junior high school, there was a back yard or inner court yard where most of the students were gathered around the place for break-out activities, having certain outdoor sport activities and park their bikes. The yard was only separated with high steel mesh fencing in line with small pedestrian outside.

I think this school's court yard is a memorable place for every student, a relieving place to have break-out underneath an old big tree in the middle of the place under the shadow of small forest's trees belong to Gunung Brintik as a background.

From Tugu Muda Monument point of views, possibly Gunung Brintik is the nearest, the greenest and the highest spot in the city. Some old big kapok trees look strongly visible and becomes a kind of green feature among the vegetation blanket that covers the hill that hide the kampong existence with dense community on the other side of the hill behind.

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