Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A School and Academy Building, Formerly Known as "van de Venter School"

Actually, in Semarang City we can find many old remaining school buildings. Many of them still run their original functions as education facilities. Commonly, their sites are spacious and well planned as part of old Dutch Colonial city planning. This is one of them, currently know as "Kartini-Social Wellfare School & Academy". The building is situated at Sultan Agung Street. According to the school and academy website, their property is already and officially listed as a preserved heritage building.

As typically find in some old remaining school building in Semarang, the building complex is situated in a large open area within some main building blocks are spreading-out and connected with long open corridors. A big banyan tree, prominently appears in the middle of the school yard.

According to reliable historical notes, this school building is designed in the year of 1923 and become integrated part of the development of new hill city of Semarang, or famously known as "Nieuw Tjandi". 

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