Friday, August 25, 2017

Remaining Old House at Pandanaran Street (Part-2)

This is another house at Pandanaran with oldies appearance. Its appearance remind me of old colonial style building. It is not clear to me, the building is a real old building or just a new building that is built with oldies style. Even we can find another different building in another location in Semarang with almost similar detailed appearance. Behind lush trees covering on its front court yard, we can see glimpse of large open terrace with corinthian columns, high glass doors with wooden louvres and checkerboard pattern on dado wall.

Actually, the existence of this building is also hidden behind a very crowded and busy situation during daily activities. Nowadays, this house is actually surrounding by neighborhood building towers and also very busy retail stores across the street.

Most certainly, its large open court yard give this large house a setback that provide useful barrier against very busy street situation. This building setback arrangement is seemimgly useful to create a large shady court yard with lush green trees that makes this house is quietly secluded from daily crowded busy situation during hot days in Semarang City.

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