Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Abandoned "Anno-1910" House at Ungaran

All of the pictures are taken during the year of 2012, actually (when the pictures are taken) the house scenery including its surrounding large yards are hidden behind temporary metal fenching. I think not every person could directly seen this house from Jl. Majapahit street when people commonly passing by. 

I passed again the street in front of this house several years later and I saw the yard already habitated with densed wild greeneries and a kind of tall trees. So, I don't know exactly, how house condition actually is today.

The building appears in very symmetrical composition. Seemingly, there several main access openings are situated in the center part of the building. Repetition of arcade openings are become dominant visual elements on its facade. This give overall masonry wall structures underneath clay roof structures are composed in lighter appearance and make the 'true' enclosure wall belong to functional rooms inside the house are slightly concealed behind. It will make internal rooms are always protected against direct sunlight. 

Actually, the existence of repeated arcade openings provide a nice and gradual mass transition between the house as building against surrounding open large landscape. A wall text "Anno" is found on the top of entry arcade at the left side of porte cochere area. And a text "1910" is found at opposite side. If this is an indication of time when this building is built, now this house is already there since more than hundred years ago.