Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Snapshot to an Old Warehouse at the 'Outstadt'

This just another simple snapshot to a simple building, an old warehouse which is located in Semarang Old City conservation Area. The building is facing to the south and directly situated in a T-intersection Street in front of the "Roode Driehoek" House. Six tall heavily wooden paneled doors with arch-topped details are visually dominant elements belong to this warehouse. Ventilation holes in star shape are details we can found in every doors. Decorative wrought iron brackets are found in between the tall doors. Decorative wooden roof fascia is simply enriched the facade belong to this warehouse. A shallow masonry pediment at the upper part of the facade is simply unifying all elements at lower part.

Snapshot to an old building at 'Zwaluwstraat'

This is just a simple snapshot to an old building at south-end side of Branjangan Street, a street inside Old City Conservation Area. It is situated in a T-intersection street in front of another old building I have described in my older blog post dated 3rd of May 2011. This building is also situated nearby another old building currently known as Telkom MSC Office Building, which is located in Letjen Soeprapto Street ( or known also  as Heerenstraat during Dutch Colonial Era). A historical source mentioned that this building originally known as Dunlop-Kolff-Makelaars, a trading company in related with sugar, rice, kapok, effects, etc.

It about less than a hundred meters from this building we can find another famous old building at Branjangan Street which is called "Roode Driehoek" House. Obviously, the remaining upper facade is becoming interesting part belong to this building. Curved pediment are combined with six vertical louvered windows at top facade. Lower facade is consisting of remaining wooden tall windows that are covered with light metal roofing with wrought iron brackets. Extended columns in simplified 'obelisk' shape are another elements that visually unify the lower and the upper part of the building facade