Friday, April 12, 2013

The House of "Roode Driehoek"

This is an old small building which is located in a T-intersection street in the middle of Semarang Old City Conservation Area. Maybe this one of a famous spot where peoples use it as distinctive photo background for their pre-wedding pictures or photograph memories during their trip around Semarang City. The photograph pictures then will tell the story as if they were standing in front of a building in a city in Netherlands.

The main point of interest belong to this house is the "Roode Driehoek" text as a facade signage over an arch entry door transom. So far, there is not many historical references could not be found to explain what does the word of "Roode Driehoek" should mean. Is this could be freely translated as 'Red Triangle'? Is the meaning of 'Red Triangle' is associated with war and political term that used in Europe during World War II ?

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