Saturday, March 23, 2013

"The Peek House" at 'Achterkerkstraat'

With reference to some historical notes, this building originally known as Kantoor Tasripin. Tasripin was one of the Indonesian richest people in the beginning of the 20th Century. Nowadays, this building known as Peek House. Peek House is situated at about 100 meter north-east of Blenduk Church or 360 meter south of Tawang Train Station. The building is situated at Garuda Street, this is street was known as Achterkerkstraat during Dutch Colonial Era that connecting Merak Street (Norder-wall-Straat) near Tawang Train Station to Letjen Suprapto Street (Heerenstraat). The building also accessible from a small branch street near The Spiegel's House.

Peek House itself not directly facing to the main street. Peek House main entry is accessible from a small branch street. Actually, it makes Peek House entry slightly concealed from any point of main pedestrian area.This is a two-storey building with a series of tall wooden windows with transoms as main elements to its facade. A long narrow balcony is situated at building entry side facing to south. Stainless steel balustrade and outdoor A/C units are poorly placed at this balcony level.

Previously, the building is functioned as a private art gallery. It seems not many art exhibitions were happened here. Nowadays, even though the building looks well preserved, it often looks like an empty building with many windows and main entry door remain closed from day to day.


  1. You reference this house as "near the spiegel's House" Where is the Spiegel house located? I am curious as to whether that would be the home of my great-grandfather, Herman Spiegel who was part owner of Toko Spiegel in the early 1900s.

    1. please paste this google map's direction:"Spiegel's House @-6.968276,110.428525" at google map searching tab, and you will find Spiegel's House location