Monday, December 31, 2012

When the Trains Run on Seaside Railway to Semarang City

This is a snapshot of a very common seaside view when train passengers experiencing a travel by train to Semarang City. About hour before entering Semarang City from Jakarta City (and vice versa), they will experiencing a stunning seaside landscape. There are some spots where the railways are situated very closed against the beach and allowing every train passengers could see how strong the sea waves hit black stones along the beach. This a way to experiencing panoramic Java Sea views from a train that run on seaside railway.

The train just pass trough on the railway which is situated between beach on one side and forest on other side. Train passengers could also viewing local fishermen compounds along the beach including their daily activities on fish auction market and traditional fish port where the fishermen park their boats. In many occasions train passengers can experiencing some fishermen boats are floating around in a proximity. Of course, this seaside railway experiences could only be enjoyed when the train pass this spot before and after the night time.

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