Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snapshot to Remaining Chinese Old Houses at Pekojan and Kranggan

Semarang City is known for its large ethnically Chinese population, and Pekojan and Kranggan are district in Semarang City Chinese population is centralized since Dutch Colonial Era. Nowadays, as always found in typical 'China Town' we can find of common housing that is blended together within commercial and trading places.

In Pekojan and Kranggan area we can find remaining old houses with its unique gabled clay roof. Most of them are two-storey shop-houses where lower level is commonly used as trading space and upper level is commonly used as dwelling unit. Some of old houses remain untreated and may others are already converted to new shop-houses with new look.

Most of photographic pictures in this posting are taken around the north entry gate of Pekojan Street near Jurnatan Street and Pasar Johar market. Just a small part of Pekojan and Kranggan area, one of large Chinese quarter in Semarang City where we can find Chinese population preserve their culture and tradition.

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