Thursday, November 15, 2012

Old Red Brick Architecture at Gedangan Street

Today, the old Gedangan Street is known as Ronggowarsito Street. The North-end section of this street is mostly surrounding by swamp. Meanwhile the 300 meter long of the South-end side of this street is look specific in its appearance by the existence of prominent old red brick buildings at both sides of the street. When we take a walk pass through this street, it feel like we walk at city in Northern Europe within its famous old buildings with red brick Gothic Architecture or red brick Romanesque Architecture style.

 Old Gedangan Church or currently known as St Joseph Church is situated at eastern side of the street. Meanwhile, Kanisius Foundation Complex is situated at the opposite western side. Both two buildings appear in similar style of red brick architecture. Based on history notes, Gedangan Church is initially built in the year of 1870 by Dutch Catholic Priest. It look well preserved for more than 140 years and become a city landmark in Semarang City, particularly in North part of the city.

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