Saturday, November 10, 2012

Masjid Pekojan, an Old Masjid near a Chinese Quarter

Masjid Pekojan is one of some old Masjid in Semarang City that is hidden in the middle of a quarter. The Masjid is situated near a T-intersection street against the Pekojan main road that commonly known as part of Chinese quarter in Semarang City. From this main road the Masjid could be easily recognized by the existence of its light-green color tower.

Based on history notes, the Masjid is firstly built in the year of 1309 by some Muslim from Pakistan. Major renovation works are already made. Maybe only small part in the Masjid are originated from the past times such as wooden doors (currently painted in turquoise color), decorative transoms over doors and of course the lectern inside the mihrab that is made from teak wood. A number of old graves are also found underneath lush trees in the front courtyard near the main entry gate.

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