Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remaining Old House at Sompok Lama Street (Part-3)

There is an old house in the street intersection of Sompok Lama Street and Manggis #1 Street near an open park with a hippopotamus statue. Seemingly, this is another well preserved remaining old house at Sompok Lama Street.The house is nicely hidden and set back behind lush trees and greenery belong to its front courtyard.

A cozy verandah is found in the east-end side of the house to make the entry door is recessed against the direction of the street. A suspended roof canopy is located at verandah entry opening. This roof canopy is simply suspended by the using of steel rods and turnbuckles. Typically, this kind of suspended canopy detail could be found in some another old houses, particularly in Semarang City.

It seems the living room area is elaborated as a protruding faceted part belong to the house facade. Tall rectangle wooden louvered windows in combination with window transom above and stone cladding below are becoming the major exterior part of the protruding living room.

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