Saturday, July 7, 2012

Remaining Old House at Sompok Lama Street (part-2)

There is another colonial old house at Sompok Lama Street. It look well preserved in its original appearance including its rich details on building facade. The house is situated at Sompok Lama Street No.8, the location is about 60 meter from the other remaining old house previously described in this blog or about 100 meter from 'T-junction' of Mataram Street. The house is facing to the south.

Just like typical tropical house, a veranda is found as the front part of the house. This veranda is a covered open lounge space that is protruding from the main part of the building. Actually, this veranda is becoming an interesting part of the house. Rich detailing is found on its roof fascia where Gothic floral patterns at roof fascia with triangular shape that is combined with local Javanese patterns on wooden lower fascia under clay roof cover.

 Corinthian columns are also found and become another prominent elements from the house facade. These columns are found in rectangular shape and also in smaller round shapes around the protruding veranda.

Nowadays, the house is utilized as a kind of small public health service building. The house is easily recognized when somebody passing the street, it found as a white painted house with rich architectural detailing on roof facade and nice green landscaping on the courtyard. This is one of remaining old house from Colonial Era. A well preserved old house from Semarang old city master plan. I think some old houses with similar details also found in Kampung Kauman and Kampung Barusari as I have described in my older blog post.

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