Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jomblang Reservoir, and a Silhouette of a Dome on a Hill

Jomblang Reservoir is another remaining old clean water reservoir in Semarang that built during Dutch Colonial Era. Jomblang reservoir looks slightly bigger than The Siranda Reservoir. As similar as Siranda Reservoir, the building consist of two big domes.The appearance of the reservoir building is always visible as a silhouette of big dome with a copula tower on Tanah Putih Hill.

The reservoir building is situated about 300 meter from 'Pasar Kambing Mrican' the goats market. The Jomblang Reservoir is part of Tanah Putih uphill road scenery. Always concealed under the lush big trees around Tanah Putih Hill.

Actually, the building appearance of Jomblang Reservoir is similar as the first older reservoir building belong to Siranda Reservoir. It also found at the Jomblang Reservoir same grass covered big domes, same small copula tower on the of the dome and also same entry facade. Anyway, the existence of these two old clean water reservoir buildings becomes one of the evidence that originally Semarang City is already well planned since almost hundred years ago.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pasar Kambing Mrican, a Traditional Goats Market at the Traffic Lights

The place is situated less than one kilo meter from Peterongan market place, directly situated at the traffic light at the intersection of 'Mrican' Street and south end side of Mataram Street. Yes, this is a goats market, a place where we can found street traders who sell life goats. There is a goat statue that could be found as a sign of  market existence.

There is a row of bamboo shed at one of street pedestrian side where the traders displaying the goats. At the peak selling time the goats just loosely displayed along the both street pedestrian sides around the traffic lights area. Traditionally, the peak selling time is around the Eid al-Adha', an Islamic annual holiday. The need of life goats is also related with another traditional Moslem's need to sacrifice of an animal, particularly goat on the occasion of a child's birth.

When Semarang Citizens mention about goat market, it will always refers to this place as an almost semi permanent market place that sells life goats. Actually, this is one of another unique traditional market places that are still found in Semarang City.