Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pasar Peterongan, a Traditional Market and Legend of an Old Tamarind Tree

Nowadays, Pasar Peterongan is known as one of remaining traditional market in Semarang City. The existence of this traditional market is already found in old city master plan have prepared by the Dutch during Colonial Era. The market place is prepared and planned as one of important daily trading place in eastern side of Semarang City. Based from old vintage photo, there was originally a train railway existed at the foreground of the above picture.

The existence of many old market places in Semarang City are associated with the name of trees, such as Pasar Johar is related with the name of johar tree (senna siamea), Pasar Randusari is related with the name of randu or kapok tree (ceiba pentandra) and Pasar Jatingaleh might be related with the name of teak tree (tectona grandis). And the existence of Pasar Peterongan might be associated with the existence of an old tamarind tree, but in this case, the name of the the tree was not becoming the name of the market place. 

Currently, the old tamarind tree is directly situated behind the market office building. When somebody pass the main street, it looks like a green background over the market office building and shadowing messy traditional trader shelters behind. Local folktale told that this tamarind tree is much older than the current market building is.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Siranda Resevoir; a Remaining Piece of Semarang War History

Siranda Reservoir is an old clean water reservoir built during Dutch Colonial Era. A lettering on the wall mentions a text of '1912', this may indicates that the building is already there since more than hundred years ago. 

Siranda itself is relates with an uphill road, a transition road that connecting Semarang's down town to upper town area. The reservoir building is actually a dome-roofed building that covers with green grass layers over. A small copula tower with ventilation louvers is situated on the peak and around the roof domes. There are two reservoir domes in Siranda Reservoir complex. The new on is built around the year of 1923.

The older dome is the bigger one with its interesting main entry facade. A strong symmetrical arrangement that consists of a double louvered timber door in the center of the facade within timber louvered windows at both sides. A plaster arch shapes are strongly dressing the entry facade of the reservoir building.

The Siranda Reservoir is noted as one of the important part in related with Semarang history in related with five days war against Japanese invasion in the year of 1945. There was an incident that involving a young medical doctor who killed by Japanese trooper when he tried to do a verification regarding poisoned reservoir water. Dr. Kariadi, the name of the heroic doctor finally is memorialized as a name of the main public city hospital in Semarang City.