Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pasar Randusari; a Remaining Old Market near the Cemetery Hill

As noted in the history, Pasar Randusari is one of market building in Semarang that is designed by Thomas Karsten, the Dutch Colonial Architect around the year of 1930. Currently, Pasar Randusari is known as one of remaining traditional market in Semarang that is situated about 700 meters from Pasar Bulu Market. 

This current location is close to the north-end side of Kyai Saleh Street, it situated less than 200 meters from an intersection road to Pandanaran Street, a main busy street in the center of Semarang City. The market building itself is also closely situated to Bergota Cemetery hill area, the largest cemetery in the city.

 In compare to Pasar johar and Pasar Bulu, Pasar Randusari is a market building in smaller size. The market building is just a simple building with as square shape plan in 40 meter by 40 meter size. There are about 56 columns with particular shape that support flat concrete roofs in 3 different split levels. Actually, this different flat roof leveling simply allow sunlight penetration to the center part of the building. 

This is the place for visitor not only find and buy daily domestic goods, but this is place for somebody to find street traders who sell red and white rose flowers for the needs of grave yard visit at the cemetery nearby.

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