Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snapshots to Flatterman's House at Kyai Saleh Street


This is an old house that is situated at the south-end side of Kyai Saleh Street, at the intersection with Veteran Street. The building looks prominence from the crossroad, a tower with hexagonal pyramid shape roof becomes one of the point of interest. The house is firstly owned by Flatterman Family , a Dutch family during Colonial Era.

A long balcony with rich details on its balsutrade at upper floor level is attached to main part of the building that is covered with a triangular prism roof shape. It seem somebody can have nice viewing from balcony level to the large courtyard in front of the house below.

The building looks nicely set-up behind the front courtyard. From Veteran Street point of view, the overall building shapes composition is till looks good, although most of the lower part of the house is currently covered by lush of trees, the hexagonal pyramid shape of the tower roof and the triangular shape belong to the house roof are pop-up side by side over the top of the trees.

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