Friday, March 2, 2012

Mandala Bhakti Museum; a Military Museum Today and Dutch Colonial's Courthouse in the Past Day

The building is close to where the Tugu Muda Monument and "Pasar Bulu" Market are currently situated. This a two storey building with a simple strong geometrical box shape under large clay roof in triangular prism shape. A very formal building shape, it might be related with building original function as a Court House during Dutch Colonial Era. As describe on historical notes, the building is originally known as "Raad van Justitie" and built around the year of 1930.

Nowadays, the building is a military museum, after many years is occupied as a regional military headquarters.This is maybe one of many old buildings from Dutch Colonial Era in Semarang that ever used for military facilities, including the famous "Lawang Sewu" Building that is situated across this museum building. A large military compound is situated behind the building including military housing and military hospital.

Museum Mandala Bhakti building is nicely place with deep setback against the main street within a large open courtyard in front of it. This front courtyard provides a nice visual exposure for every street walkers when they are passing by. It always make the building is visually appears in good visibility in any point of view around the "Tugu Muda" Monument.

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