Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snapshots to Semarang Harbor

These are just simple quick snapshots during a walk through around the old lighthouse at Semarang harbor. The pictures are captured during my visit on July 2011. Pictures of medium size ships were docking in front of the light house at the river side might be part of the origin of the old Semarang harbor.

Typical large wooden ships are made a port including a Search and Rescue ship are shown and were directly docking in front of the light house. The appearance and glimpse of the lighthouse are shown in the harbor scenery. The place where the sips are made a port is part of 600 meter long harbor strip that spreading out from the bridge near Martadinata outer ring road at southern-end side to the opposite northern-end side of harbor strip.

Some imaginations might be raised in related with the history about this place. Maybe about Dutch's naval ships fleet that ever emerging and establishing their rule over this city and also about Admiral Cheng Ho from the Emperor of China that might be ever passed this river during his friendship visit to Semarang City.

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