Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marabunta Warehouse, an Old Warehouse with Hundred Metres Long Facade

This warehouse is situated about 6oo meter from the lighthouse tower, at southern-end side and separated with a bridge and the outer-ring road across the harbor strip. This is about more than a hundred meters long facade that unify some warehouse buildings behind.

Nowadays, the Marabunta Warehouse appearance might be slightly concealed under the shadow of the outer-ring road existence. I think no more large ship could make a port to this warehouse anymore, since the harbor strip is definitely separated by the outer-ring road. Currently, this building might be separated from direct day-to-day harbor activities.

Only its long reflection on the water of the harbor strip remains visible as a part of its existence, particularly when somebody pass the outer-ring road over the harbor strip from the eastern-side direction. It seemed that the southern-end side of the building facade is already burned, hopefully the remaining parts of this building is still found in well-preserved.

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