Monday, October 31, 2011

Gedung Pelni at Mpu Tantular Street and Remaining History of Old Dutch Colonial Shipping Company

Gedung Pelni is situted near Jakarta Lloyd Building, it's only separated with Kutilang Street. Gedung Pelni and GKBI Building are directly situated side by side. Thehistory of PT Pelni is closely related with N.V. K.P.M (Koninklijke Paketvaart Matschappij), a Dutch Colonial shipping company that is took over by the Indonesian Government. This is one of old Shipping Companies that are placed around the Old City Conservation Area.

The most interesting part of the building is the appearance of its main entry side that is marked by the existence of a tower at the building corner side. This entry corner is located at the intersection of Mpu Tantular Street and Kutilang Street. Another similar tower is situated at the opposite side adjacent to the neighborhood building, the GKBI building at northern side. The entry canopies are formed with curved shapes among overall building shape that is formed with strong geometrical shapes. High window with its wooden louvered leaves in rectangular shapes at lower floor level become remaining dominant elements to the facade.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rajawali Nusindo Building at 11th Mpu Tantular Street

This is just another old building at Mpu Tantular Street, a Street that is situated in line with mBerok River. The building is directly located side by side with PTP XV Building, another old building that is described my previous blog post.

A signage is still found on building facade describes that the owner of the building is Rajawali Nusindo, an old conglomerate company that is took-over by the government. What I have found from online notes, this building originally known as Koloniale Bank.

Building facade are found with many arch openings that currently covered with steel trellis to make linear corridors at lower floor terrace and balcony at upper floor are a concealed against pedestrian line. Only wall and windows at the middle part of the building are placed directly against pedestrian side, but no main entry door is found here ( directly facing to the street ).