Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sendowo Street View; Bird Market and Remaining Pieces of The Old City

Sendowo Street is about 400 meter long of messy street at the outer perimeter of the old city conservation area. Currently, it looks like a concealed backyard belong to the 'old little Netherland' area.

Sendowo Street is accessible from Suari Street (a street that is perpendicularly placed against the famous Blenduk Church), and from the Suari Street intersection we can directly find bird market belong to the street vendors. A small street market under the shadows of remaining abandoned old buildings and pedestrian trees.

I think I found 'old city' become alive and transformed at Sendowo Street in another and different kind of its daily life. It looks alive maybe because the street is partially transformed as a bird market and place for the orange urban minibus passengers find its end route. Rest of that, there are only remaining abandoned aged old buildings keep standing in silence.

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