Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Abandoned Building at the East-end Side of Merak Street

The building is situated at the east-end side of Merak Street or at the opposite side of the Suara Merdeka Archive Building. It's about 300 meter from Suara Merdeka Archive Building or less than 200 meter from the exit gate of Tawang Railway Station nearby. Actually, this building is always easily visible by everybody who disembarks from railway station area and find the way to go the direction of the center of the city. The building is placed directly at the corner side of streets intersection across a large flood drainage pond in front of Tawang Railway Station.

But unfortunately, the building appearance is not found as good as its setting. the building looks very aged and mostly looks as an abandoned building with wild plants are already grown to cover its roof and many other parts of the building. It seems the building is started to be consumed by dense vegetation that grown from its backyard.

An old banner remind stays over the entry door under the balcony terrace and fortunately some texts still indicates that this building is former the management office of the Old City Conservation Area (BPK2L), a bureau that is ever founded to manage and revitalize Semarang Old City Conservation Area.

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