Monday, June 20, 2011

The Archive Building of "Suara Merdeka"

This building is situated at the west-end side of Merak Street. This a linear two storey old building with a kind of twin featured entry gates. The building shape nicely play around with the building's external parts around its front facades. The existence of long balcony at the upper floor and external long continuous corridor at the lower floor creates a smooth transition in between external part and internal part of the building.

Originally this building is owned by Het Noorden, a Dutch language newspaper company during Dutch Colonial Era. Currently, this building is known as archive warehouse belong to "Suara Merdeka", a largest newspaper publisher in Semarang City and Central Java. This is the place where somebody could find Suara Merdeka's newspaper when it appeared at very first time. Not just as common as an ordinary warehouse, this place is also serves public and researcher interests in related with history. For many year ago, this buildng also knwon as Masscom Graphy Building.

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