Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are These Typical Old Houses from Old City with a Mix of Local and Colonial Style?

There are two-storey old buildings that found in similar typical appearances in Semarang Old City Conservation Area. These buildings seem having almost similar details on its wooden roof fascia with ornamental patterns at upper floor, balcony balustrade with rich ornaments on its thin vertical members, thin steel pipe pillars around balcony and plenty of doors and windows with double wooden panels within its curved transom details over.

These buildings are found around "Blenduk" Church at Letjen Soeprapto Street and behind The "Marba Bulding at Kepodang Street. At a glance, wooden ornament details on roof and balcony fascia including its combination with clay roof appears like simplified wooden details that found on typical traditional Javanese houses. At the other side, seemingly the curved transom and plaster relief details over typical large tall windows and doors are typically found on European buildings.

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