Saturday, April 30, 2011

ITC Building, a Simply Contrast Neighborhood Building for "Blenduk" Church

The ITC (Indonesia Trade Center) Building is directly situated near the famous "Blenduk" Church and only separated by street. The building is also previously known as Gedung Kerta Niaga. This a simple old building in compare with surrounding neighborhood old buildings such as "Blenduk" Church and Gedung Jiwasraya. The building is a single block in a box shape with a feature tower, there is less and simple detailing on facade. This ITC Building supposed to be built at the latest period of Dutch Colonial Era. I have found a historical notes that this building originally known as Office building for Borsumij -
Borneo Sumatra Handel Maatschappij.

At a glance, the building composition that is consisting of box shape within a feature tower at the end corner of a crossroad is similar basic arrangement as Pertamina Building and "Toko Nagamas" at "Bodjong Street". Similar composition of shape is also found on the GKBI Building that is situated at the 'external' perimeter side of the old city conservation area.

Simple geometrical patterns are strongly reflected in horizontal and vertical patterns that are found on window, louvers and stone wall cladding. These shape arrangement is also elaborated with contrast color scheme that creates by vivid red colors on window frame members with grey plain wall as major background.

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