Sunday, March 6, 2011

Srigunting Park; A Green Park with Four Old Tamarind Trees

'Srigunting' is a local name of a local bird with its 'scissors-like' tail. The park is currently is named with a bird name maybe because surrounding neighborhood small streets nearby are named with bird names. The park itself is like a small green oasis in the old city conservation area and situated directly near "Gereja Blenduk" site.

There are four big old tamarind trees that is shadowing this open park area and become a main green point of interest around "Gereja Blenduk" area. The open space that is created by the park provide adequate exposures that makes the old buildings around the park are properly visible in its best angle of views.

During Dutch Colonial Era, this park is known as Parade Plein. The park is previously revitalized by local authority and another future plans maybe prepared. for some changes. At least until today the remaining four old tamarind trees are still existed there. Nowadays, Srigunting Park with its old big trees is still give enough shadows and keep the center of old city conservation area condition in comfortably fresh and cool during hot days at Semarang City.

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