Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gereja 'Blenduk'; Where The Sunset is Happened inbetween Its Silhouette and Lush Tamarind Trees

No doubt about this building - known as "Gereja Blenduk" (a local naming means a 'Domed' Church) - should be one of famous iconic buildings from the remaining old city of Semarang. Currently known as GPIB Immanuel Church, a Church that is situated in the middle of Semarang old city conservation area that is built during Dutch Colonial Era. Many literature sand publications have already highlighted the existence of this building, particularly in associated with its architectural detailed appearances.

Obviously, The Church is carefully planned and designed as main point of interest in the midlde of the area. It was existed as a stand-alone 'loose' building in a kind of a small city square that is surrounding in a distance by other buildings nearby. Until today, somebody can always take a walk freely around the Church and acquires every details belong to the building in every angle point of views. The Church is almost has many spatially well-managed exposures, it can be nicely viewed from every streets that are directing to Church location.

During afternoon time, somebody who seat in the park nearby can always experiencing a sunset moment, when the sun gradually setting-down from the lush of old tamarind trees to the west concealed skyline behind the shadow of the 'Blenduk' Church.

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