Sunday, January 23, 2011

The GKBI Building at Mpu Tantular Street

Batik is a kind of traditional cloth in Indonesia which is popular with its richness of patterns that are applied with particular wax-resist dyeing technique. Since long time ago, Java is very well-known place that produce many kind of batiks. Both batik craft making and its trading activities have already became important business in Java, especially in its local towns such as Surakarta, Jogjakarta, Pekalongan and some others. Seemingly, Semarang as a capital city of Central Java and as harbor was becoming an important place in related with this batik industry. Maybe this is a simple explanation in related with the existence of GKBI Building in Mpu Tantular Street Semarang.

As clearly indicated, a text signage of "Gabungan Koperasi Batik Indonesia" is still remaining embedded in its building facade. At least this describes previous owner of the building, The Association of 'Koperasi Batik' of Indonesia. At the other different side, a roof top signage with the acronym text of "GKBI" is also strongly visible at the top side feature tower.

The is building always clearly visible when somebody takes a walk or drive to Semarang Harbor and "Tawang" Train Station from mBerok Bridge. The building is situated about 200 meter from mBerok Bridge. This is a simple long building with its feature tower at north-end side. It seem un-occupied and maybe just getting older and older in the next few years.

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