Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Old Building at Bandarharjo Selatan Street No.8 Semarang

Latest owner of the building is PT Sucofindo a government-owned company. The building is also known as former PT Mega Eltra that was also a government-owned trading company. During Dutch Colonial Era, this building is known as ""Kantoor van handelsonderneming Lindeteves-Stokvis te Semarang". A headquarters of N.V. Lindeteves-Stokvis, one of Dutch Colonial's big trading company. The building is one of many old buildings from Dutch Colonial Era that is classified as an old heritage building. Obviously, this building is located directly in front of former of Vereenigde Javasche Houthandel Maaschappijen building (which is described in previous posting in this blog).

Currently, the building is under severe damages. It is very obvious that many of parts of its facade is already broken. Even though the overall looks in damaged appearance, the original building shapes are remain strongly identified. A strong symmetrical shape that are ended with strong appearance of fortress-like towers in one of its end-corner. The building supposed to be a nice looking building in past era that was become like face-to-face pair with the Vereenigde Javasche Houthandel Maatschappijen building in front of it.

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