Monday, December 6, 2010

Masjid Kauman, Remaining Building from the Lost Old City Square

Currently, Kauman Mosque (Masjid Kauman) is identified as an old large mosque that is situated in the middle of busy commercial area of Pasar Johar. Originally, this mosque was a part of 'Alun-alun' complex, a Javanese architectural term that related with a very large public open square as a kind of city center. Nowadays, this large open square could not be found anymore, since it already converted into many of commercial buildings. And this old city center is already lost and maybe changed to other part of the city.

The Kauman Mosque is noted in the history that closely related with the early origin of Semarang City. Most probably, major renovation works have already eliminated most of its original physical appearances. At least we can still identify its unique roof with its 'Meru'-like shape that is decorated with sculptural floral shapes as its main crown. A typical roof top detailing that always found in many old Javanese Mosque, particularly in Central and East Java Regions.

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